Why More Women Are Turning To Entrepreneurship

The belief that working for a company offers the most stability is a myth. Many women have experienced a layoff, restructuring, reorganization, buyout or a variation of those at some point in their corporate life. These scenarios often result in organizational changes which are out of one’s control and can have a negative career impact.

Sanja Milosavljevic
Why More Women Are Turning To Entrepreneurship

Many women are leaving corporate life because their jobs just aren't inspiring them anymore (if they ever were). Starting a business allows you to find meaning and gives you the ability to leave behind a legacy that you can be proud of. To be truly successful, you need to find work that you’re passionate about. In a wonderful book called, Heart, Smarts, Guts and Luck the authors in their research found that without heart, few businesses become truly successful. In fact, they say that "pure brain-based IQ is probably the least essential quality for business success."

If your corporate job seems stifling and unfulfilling, perhaps it’s finally time to consider being your own boss. After all, it feels better to fail at something you love than succeed at something that you don’t care about. 

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